Entrepreneurship and Lean Startup. Hitting the wall but still going

The course dedicated to the entrepreneurship and most frequent questions that surround this subject. The leadership and co-existence of several founders. The road from the idea to the working business and what problems and challenges one faces on this way. What is Startup and what are main rules of efficient functioning of one. Where you may want to look for the money and where you better don’t. Venture Capitalists and crowd-funding platforms. How to read the financial statements? Not just the course but a very comprehensive one.

Class 1. Idea and realization

The economy of knowledge

  • Fruitful debut idea
  • What is the best way to start your startup?
  • Ideas generation as an exercise
  • Should your idea be innovative or can it be something marginally new?
  • Isn’t it too late? They invented everything
  • Should you patent your IP?
  • “They’ve stolen my idea.” ©
  • Can you sell the idea?
  • Invention and innovation
  • Startup and family business
  • Why are you here? Formulating the goals of your company
  • Why is it important to have the goal?
  • What stress-test should the initial idea survive?
  • Wannabe… Entrepreneur. No more work for hire
  • Your first steps… Your last steps
  • I am about to start reading the new book
  • Kinda tired of reading old. The danger of ideas.

Class 2: Founder, Leader, and Manager

Entrepreneurship and economy

  • Founder. The characteristics
  • Several founders. How to avoid killing each other?
  • Leader and manager, is it the same person?
  • Pioneers and followers
  • What makes a great leader?
  • What makes a great manager?
  • Reaching the level of the own incompetence is inevitable. Two options (step aside or learn and self-develop)
  • Should I be a technical savvy (a programmer)?
  • Should I be an asshole?
  • Finding a motivation
  • Stress-test of yourself
  • A team and roles ambiguity
  • CEO responsibilities
  • Hands-on management and delegation
  • First to leave if success. Last to leave if a failure

Class 3: Let’s Rock’n’Roll

The magic formula for the success: product + customer + channel

  • Lean Startup and its main principles
  • Customer development
  • Product development
  • Channel development
  • Lean startup is dead… And still going
  • Every fruit has its time. Stages of the lifecycle of the company and its implications
  • Core competencies and supporting activities
  • Communication lines
  • Hire or fire? And when?
  • Corporate culture. Why should you care?
  • Cash is the king. Burning?
  • When is it time to scale?
  • Pivot or not pivot and when pivot?
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Exit strategies
  • Main errors of the startups

Class 4: Venture Money

Two types of businesses. Self-funded healthy company or company on steroids?

  • Bootstrapping
  • Why venture money?
  • How do venture funds work?
  • Types of VC rounds
  • When may you want to consider venture money?
  • Does it come for free?
  • Your equity is your blood
  • You want to raise. What kind of a journey are you about to start?
  • How to approach VCs?
  • Company valuation
  • Your pitch, your deck
  • Negotiations
  • A term sheet
  • Due-diligence
  • Paperwork
  • Your new role, if they kept you
  • Running BODs and managing them
  • More heroin, please

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