StarWind increased its lead to opportunity conversion rate by 20% with SaleUp

Our team has been looking for a solution to properly structure our leads in terms of their priority. The tools we have been using previously did not provide sufficient flexibility when it came to setting criteria that meet precisely our requirements and business peculiarities.

More to say, while the tools left less work for our sales for segregating leads, they still lacked automation, leaving the most important task of setting a lead priority to be done manually. Therefore, we started searching for a lead prioritization solution that would feature automation, simplicity, and flexibility in terms of selecting prioritization criteria.

We’ve decided to choose SaleUp as it had all the required features in place and was exceptionally simple to integrate. Actually, thanks to SaleUp lead scoring, we increased our lead to opportunity conversion rate by 20%.

Literally zero job to do manually, flexibility for setting the needed scoring criteria, and what is the most important – tangible benefits to our business. We will definitely continue using SaleUp as it’s the most convenient tool for setting lead priority in a simple and automated manner.

Bogdan Kolomiiets

Director of Sales, EMEA & APAC at StarWind